Product & Portfolio Strategy

Are you building the right products? Bring clarity to your product's mission, vision, and strategy, from discovery to design to MVP experimentation to go-to-market. Define your near- and long-term portfolio plan, roadmapping, requirements, and prioritization so you can focus your resources on building the right product as fast as you can.

Product Metrics & Performance Management

What does success look like? Measure the performance of your product by developing the right metrics that align your strategy with your execution, while ensuring your customers are successful by matching your business goals to your customer success measurements.

Customer Research & Discovery

For whom are you building? Understand your market and competition from the perspective of your customer. Discover the customer needs that  drives true long-term engagement, willingness-to-pay, and purchase incentive so you can build products on a strong foundation that focuses on what delights your customers.


Cross-Functional Product Team Culture

Expand your cross-functional team's collaborative capabilitiesfrom product to technology to design to marketing to sales and beyondby building a culture through shared language, shared values, shared vision, and shared ownership via cross-team workshops focused on drawing out what is important to your organization.

Product Innovation Capacity

Expand your team's capacity for innovation and creative problem solving by learning how to constantly evaluate and reframing your problem-finding as well as your solution development approach.

Product Development Process

Optimize your delivery by examining your processes and understand your challenges. Design and implement a product develop process that encourage speed and accountability while simultaneously remove roadblocks that keep you from shipping meaningful, valuable work.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Transform your mindset from execution-oriented to strategically-focused with one-on-one coaching. Gain leadership perspective and receive contextualized, actionable advice based on better-practices as well as real-life experience.